Abit KD7-G Bios 13

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1. Follow AMD's recommendation that" CPU Disconnect Function "should be

implemented to make cpu slow down in idle state, and the default value sets up to Enable.
2. Follow AMD's recommendation to revise the trigger timing of LM90 for Palomino CPU(model 6).
3. update Silicon Image Serial ATA RAID BIOS to 4.2.12.
4. Support Barton 2600 (333 fsb) and Thorton2000 (266 fsb)/2200 (266 fsb)/2400 (266 fsb)/2600 (333 fsb)
5. Revises some CPU frequency(1466,1666,1916,2166)to be AMD officially suggested figures.(1467,1667,1917,2167).
6. BIOS compile date 4/02/2003.
The KD7 Series also supports the latest AGP 8X standard, providing you unprecedented graphic performance. serial ATA 150 with RAID 0, 1 function makes both the speed and the security of your data vastly improved. USB 2.0 enables you to be connected to today's hottest digital peripherals. Furthermore, With ABIT's SoftMenu?, 5bit FID and CPU H.T.P, the KD7 Series delivers the power of overclocking ability. KD7-G also provides Gigabit LAN for your option. 6-channel digital audio with optical S/PDIF OUT provides rich surround sound without the need for a discrete audio solution. drive the most demanding applications.
AGP 3.0 8X spec support high performance graphic process purpose and at a peak bandwidth of 2.1 GB/s.
Supports up to 2GB DDR400 at a peak bandwidth of 3.2GB/s for maximum gaming performance.
Serial ata 150
Serial ATA is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA storage interface. This new high-speed interface burst data transfer rate up to 150 Mbytes/sec and more flexible power tolerances, cables can be smaller and more efficient.
5bit FID (Frequency ID)
By abit 5-bits FID Override technology, users can get variety of CPU over-clocking sets.
ABIT CPU H.T.P (Hardware Thermal Protection)
ABIT CPU H.T.P. uses pure hardware detection, which not like others use software detection to prevent CPU overheating. ABIT CPU H.T.P provides more reliable result for customers' investment.
Gigabit LAN
The kd7-g with Gigabit LAN is the networking standard for the future to handle large of data such as video.
ABIT SoftMenu Overclocking
The overclocking function includes CPU frequency, Vcore, multiplier, chipset and DDR voltage adjustment available to maximize your system performance.
USB 2.0
Support speed up to 480 Mb/s. Approximately forty times faster than conventional USB 1.1

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