Abit IS7-E Bios 13

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CreatedCreated : Feb 14, 2008
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# New Fixes/FeaturesAdded support for IS7-G, IS7, and IS7-E.

# update CPU micro code (CPU: 0F29H, ID=11H).
# added CPU multiplier 8X for engineering sample CPU and maximum CPU frequency 412MHz.
# Revised setup menu for OnChip Serial ATA.
# fixed on-chip SATA boot issue while another bootable hard drives exist and attached to IDE-1 or IDE-2.
# Updated memory reference code and ICH5 BIOS spec to v1.2.
# Fixed PS/2 mouse malfunctioning problem while the USB cable of Media XP attached to mainboard.
# Fixed DOS 6.22 booting failure from FAT16 partition.
# Fixed BIOS hang-up problem which is caused by specific cpu cooling fan reporting error RPM to BIOS when cpu FanEQ 60% enabled.
# Revised the following default settings in BIOS setup page. - Bootable Add-in Device: PCI Slot Device - CPU FanEQ Active Temperature: 70 C - CPU Warning Temperature: 85 C
# Added 80, 85, and 90 degrees C into "Shutdown Temperature".
# Enabled "IDE Block Mode" and hided the option.
# Revised ICH5R RAID BIOS display issue.
# Revised power-on delay time from 4~5 seconds to 1~2 seconds after AC power lost and resumed.
# Added description for "Bootable Add-in Device".
# Fixed the problem that NB fan still reports full speed in PC Health page when "CPU FanEQ Speed Control" is enabled.
# Added new option "IDE Bus Master".
# Added description for "Shutdown when CPUFAN Fail".
# Revised the wording of IDE channels inside the BIOS Setup. IDE Channel 0, 1, 2, and 3 are changed to 1, 2, 3, and 4.
# Added new option "SATA RAID ROM" to setup both "OnBoard SATA" and "OnChip SATA".
# Added new option "HDD Change Message" in Advanced BIOS Features and the default setting is "Disabled". If this option is changed to "Enabled",the system will show warning message and prompt for a confirmation whenone or more than one HDD had been added into or removed from the system.
# Fixed "CPU THRM-Throttling" function.
# Added new options "Refresh Cycle Time", "Read Delay Adjust (tRD Adj)", and "Command Per Clock (CPC)".
# Changed the default setting of "Drive A" from "None" to "1.44M" after Load Fail-safe Defaults.
# Changed the default setting of "OnCip Serial ATA" to "Auto".
# Added "Game Accelerator" technology.
# Revised the error reading of fan speed for specific CPU cooling fan when FanEQ 60% enabled.
# Fixed the slow detection problem when HDD simulation card installed.
# Fixed the problem that SMARTDRV.EXE malfunction in DOS 6.22 environment.
# Fixed the problem that Windows 98 bootable floppy disk causes system hang up during loading CD-ROM driver when "OnChip Serial ATA" is set to"Auto" or "Enhanced Mode".
# Removed the option "Force Update ESCD".
# BIOS Compile Date: 6/10/2003.
For those without the need for onboard RAID or Firewire, but the need to keep costs down, the IS7-E is the board to get. Like the other boards in the IS7 series it uses the tried and true Intel tested Springdale-PE chipset for Hyper-Threading Pentium 4 processors. It comes with, Dual DDR 400, AGP 8X, and softmenu Technology. This board makes for an affordable, super-stable system.
Enhanced 800MHz FSB
The 800MHz FSB increases bandwidth and improves overall system performance.
Serial ATA 150MB/s data transfer rate
Serial ATA is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA storage interface. This new high-speed interface boosts data transfer rates to up to 150 MB/sec. More flexible power tolerances allow for smaller and more efficient cables.
6-Channel Audio and S/PDIF Out interface
Lets you enjoy 6-channel audio without having to buy advanced sound cards.
USB 2.0 Supports 480MB/s data transfer rate
Supports speeds up to 480 Mb/sec, approximately forty times faster than conventional USB 1.1
ABIT SoftMenu Overclocking
The overclocking function includes CPU frequency, multiplier, CPU Vcore, memory voltage and AGP voltage adjustment available to maximize your system performance.

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