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350 Campus Drive Marlborough 01752- USA

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Call 1-800-876-3266
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1-800-NET-3Com (1-800-638-3266)
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About 3Com

3Com was a digital electronics manufacturer best known for its computer network infrastructure products. The company was co-founded in 1979 by Robert Metcalfe, Howard Charney, Bruce Borden, and Greg Shaw, and is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The name 3Com came from the company's focus on "Computers, Communication and Compatibility".

3Com History

Robert Metcalfe invented Ethernet at Xerox PARC, and subsequently co-founded 3Com in 1979. 3Com began making Ethernet adaptor cards for many early 1980s computer systems, including the LSI-11, IBM PC, and VAX-11. In the mid-1980s, 3Com would brand their Ethernet technology as EtherSeries, while introducing a range of software and PC-based equipment to provide shared services over a LAN using XNS protocols. These were protocols were branded EtherShare (for file sharing), EtherPrint (for printing), EtherMail (for email), and Ether-3270 (for IBM host emulation).

3Com Corporation Informations

We don't heave more history information when was 3Com Corporation founded and/or discontinued.